A DSI program working to build and maintain an online directory to better inform & connect those

working in the disability sector and those needing help, especially in the majority world.   

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About the GDD

This Directory contains information about organizations that provide disability services, including:

  • Where they work

  • Who they work with

  • The services they provide

  • How to contact them



This is an ongoing program at DSI and we aim to continuously grow and maintain the information on the GDD. We prioritize research on countries with the greatest need, using the HDI. Our goal is to have all countries in the majority world well mapped by the end of 2020.

Organizations that share our mission continuously inspire us.

Check out what they are saying:

"Many thank for your initiative. We believe that this will make our organization even more visible.”

- Organization in Burkina Faso


Do you know an organization that is missing from this Directory or needs to be updated?

DSI's Directory is currently researched and run by volunteer efforts. Thank you volunteers!

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Disability Support International (DSI) is continuing to expand this directory of support services and this is not an extensive list of all services available.  The purpose of this directory is to provide information but DSI does not know or have direct contact with each organization. To the best of our knowledge, the information above is correct however, DSI does not guarantee or assume liability of information provided in organizations' profiles.

Caution should be used when making contact with organizations to validate the authenticity of their work and when giving out any personal information.  

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