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Meet our Team

DSI's team is comprised of dedicated individuals (most of whom are volunteers) who embody the inclusive, equitable world we envision for all people living with disabilities. They bring invaluable passion as well as expertise to our team. Hear, in their words, why they dedicate themselves to this mission:

"I believe that the entire course of a child's life can change when their communities, parents, and teachers understand more about their disabilities."

- Catherine Hennessy-Wolter, Board Member

"I believe that people are experts when it comes to their own lived experience. Our task is to help people of all abilities find their voice so they can advocate for themselves."

- George Shardlow, Board Treasurer

"I believe that more people create more power - Alone, I can achieve just a few things but together we can achieve much more in promoting rights and inclusive education of children with disabilities."

- Nhip Thy, Cambodia Program Coordinator

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” - Mother Teresa. We each have an opportunity to make a contribution. It is important to take part in making change, and to use the privilege and knowledge we have to positively empower and support others."

- Morgan Croft-Schornak, Board & Advisory Working Group Member

"I believe in inclusive opportunities for all people and that we are at our best when we recognize the unique talents and contributions of others."

- Rebecca Scherpelz, Advisory Working Group Member

"I have had many opportunities in life to learn either through classes or experiences. Serving with DSI allows me to give back and share some lessons learned with those who have not had the same opportunities but are wanting to make the same improvements in their communities that I do."

- Mick Wendland, Cofounder, Board & Advisory Working Group Member

"Be the good in the world! What can you do to make the world a better place?"

- Audra Quandt, Board Member

"I am always so excited to talk about global disability rights and inclusion because this work has the potential to push us to reimagine the way we fundamentally value all people. When we work towards full, authentic inclusion, we are creating space for more equitable outcomes for people with disabilities, which is necessary for justice to be done in our communities within the U.S. and around the world."

- Alli Strong-Martin, DSI Board Secretary & Advisory Working Group Member

Learn more about our team and ways you can get involved in this mission work too.


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