Empower Growth

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. 
- Helen Keller 

DSI's Growth Empowerers commit to giving monthly donations at any level.

This important part of our DSI team plays a crucial role in helping us to sustain and grow our programs and mission. 

By giving monthly recurring gifts at any amount you can, you invest in our mission and help to empower continued growth in our programs, in our partners & in meeting disability needs where this is so critically needed right now.

Will you invest in this mission with us?

How becoming a seed donor empowers growth

Your support will help us to hire our first staff!

This will include both U.S. and Cambodian based staff (including an Executive Director and Program staff) to work alongside of our current working board team members to further DSI's development and carry out program work.

It will further the forming Cambodian disability network

To enhance collaboration with Cambodian partners to continue growing in-country support and capacity to reach and serve both children and adults with disabilities.

It will help us to begin the SETT Project

In collaboration with partner organizations, we will begin the first Special Education Teacher Training (SETT) classroom in Cambodia to model and train Cambodian special educators!

And help to continue the Global Disability Directory

Started in August of 2016, this DSI program aims to inform and connect people around the world with existing services and supports. Your support will allow us to continue and magnify this globally needed program.

How your Support Empowers Growth

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Your support helps us grow our small team

This includes both U.S. and Cambodian-based staff to work alongside of our mostly volunteer team, to further DSI's development and amplify our ongoing program work.

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Allows us to develop and conduct more disability trainings

To train and equip local changemakers to grow as disability professionals and build inclusive education and adult services for people with disabilities nationwide in Cambodia right now and other countries as soon as we're able.

Image by Kelsey Knight
And helps us to continue the Global Disability Directory

This online program informs and connects people around the world with information about existing services and supports. Your support allows us to maintain and magnify our global network through this much-needed program.

Thank You DSI Empowerers!

You help to make it all possible.

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TJ & Kimmy Helmus

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Judy Morvak, for Roy

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Vicki Heschke & Family

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Mike & Anna Forbes

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Stone Family

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Roger & Bonny Dosdall

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The Neeser Family

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Cornerstone Community
Church in Red Wing MN
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George Shardlow

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Janie & Dave Farrar

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Susan Forsythe

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Matt Stephenson

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Sierra Merrell

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Madison Johnston

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Lauren & Patrick Kuhl

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Elizabeth Schrader