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Does DSI provide services, equipment, or financial support for individuals with disabilities, their families, or disability organizations?

Unfortunately, our organization does not provide financial assistance, direct services or equipment. However, we may be able to refer you to organizations in your country or region that could help you. Please visit our Global Disability Directory and find your country to learn more and connect with local organizations.

Does DSI partner with other organizations or collaborate with other agencies?

Currently, we are a small organization and are only working directly with partners in Cambodia. We hope to work directly in other countries in the next few years as we grow, however we are not developing partnerships with organizations outside of Cambodia at this time. However, if you are a disability focused organization, we would still like to connect with you! We invite you to become part of our online-based program, The Global Disability Directory, to help others find out about your important work and hopefully lead to more awareness and connections for your organization too. If you are interested in this, please use this online form to share information we need to build a profile on the directory.

How can I get involved with DSI?

We're so glad you're interested in our mission and getting involved. Please visit our Get Involved webpage to learn more about our current needs, and to find internship and volunteer opportunities. You can also financially support DSI by visiting our Donate page.

What programs does DSI currently offer?

DSI currently has two areas of programming. Alongside of our Cambodian partners, we are growing and implementing Our Disability Curriculum Work. We also provide an online-based program called The Global Disability Directory.

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