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About Us​

We Advocate, Support, and Empower

to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in developing countries so they can live life to the fullest.

At DSI, we engage in disability development work, in close partnerships with people and organizations in low and middle-income countries who share our mission, in order to build upon existing strengths and provide support that works toward sustainable progress toward a more inclusive world.

We work this way because we believe that:

Equal human rights and a high quality of life should be a reality for everyone.
We can and should work to reduce the vicious cycle of disability and poverty.​​​
Exceptionalities, diversity, and cross-cultural collaboration benefits us all.

We Envision

a world where every person with a disability can live a full life by receiving adequate care and support from their local communities and is empowered to be able to contribute to their society.
We envision for a day when DSI no longer needs to exist.
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Learn more about our programs and approach.

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Meet the people behind this mission.

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