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What We Do​

We Focus on Development Work.

This means that we embark on the process of working toward increasing communities' capacities toward greater resiliency and creating more equitable and inclusive communities. Development work is not a quick fix, development work is a process.  It facilitates ongoing change that moves all involved (both those considered the 'helpers' and those 'helped') to learn, grow, and change our world for the better.


Although the impacts of development work are not immediate, when successfully implemented, the magnitude of impact and sustainability of development work is powerful and long-lasting.

Our Programs

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Our Disability Training Curriculum

Using our Training of Trainers model, we're equipping and empowering Cambodian partners with needed knowledge, skills, and tools to train local teachers to make educational opportunities a reality for more children with disabilities.

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The Global Disability Directory

​Our online-based program working to build and maintain an online directory to better inform and connect those working in the disability sector and those needing help, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

Our Approach

We focus on working collaboratively

within targeted countries and communities, to empower local changemakers and better the lives of those living with disabilities who are most in need in our world today.

We believe in continuous learning

from the communities we serve, partners we work with,

and other organizations and professionals engaged in similar work.

We aim to contribute positively

to the global discussion about the rights, value, and potential of all children and adults with disabilities and, in doing so, create meaningful change. 

We Always Aim to:

Listen and learn as we cultivate ongoing relationships with partners.

Think about how any action or intervention may benefit long-term and if there could be any unwanted negative consequences 

Develop programs that teach and empower others to continue the impact long after DSI's involvement.

We Don't:

​Focus on temporary, relief type assistance (like giving food, clothing, materials, etc...) or direct financial support.

Do what others can or should be able to do for themselves.

Believe we have all the answers or push Western models or practices on others.

A DSI Partner is:

A community or organization in a low- or middle-income country.

​​Working to further the disability inclusion movement & meet needs in their local community.

Self-identifying needs and asking for assistance.​​​​

We are currently working directly only in the country of


but are continuously preparing to scale into other countries, when we can do so effectively.  


Learn more about our vision and mission that guides this work.

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Meet the people behind this mission.

Check out ways you can help to advance this mission too.

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