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Our Advisory Working Group

Working together to advance disability training opportunities

The Group's Purpose:
We know that within low and middle-income countries, there is great need for more access to information and training about disabilities and disability-related topics. But in order to create quality trainings, we know we need many minds and areas of expertise working together. This is why we have developed the DSI Advisory Working Group (AWG).
We Collaboratively
and Develop
This group of volunteer professionals is working collaboratively to advise and develop disability training topics and materials to be used with Partners in Cambodia (and other developing countries in the future) where local disability professionals and training opportunities are greatly lacking or do not yet exist. 


"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment

before starting to improve the world."

- Anne Frank

Our Team Members
Morgan Croft-Schornak.jpg
Morgan Croft-Schornak
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Ryan headshot photo.jpeg
Ryan Stefani
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Rufo Jiru.jpg
Rufo Jiru
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Rebecca Scherpelz.JPG
Rebecca Scherpelz
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Julie Warner.jpg
Julie Warner
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Sylvie Guezeon.jpg
Sylvie Guezeon
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Alli Strong-Martin.jpg
Alli Strong-Martin
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Learn More

View our:

Theory of Change

To learn more about the current situation, our vision for change, and how we aim to get there.

View our:

Annotated Bibliography Synthesis

Of resources & organizations, collected to inform the development of the disability training curriculum.

View our:

TOT (Training of Trainers)

Model Overview

To learn more about the goals, scope, and structure of our training model.

Interested in joining us?

Although our group has already been formed and is working together on an ongoing basis, as we continue to move forward we may identify needs for other specific skillsets (related to disability and/or international development work) and will continue to review nominations and submitted applications. Learn more >


Currently, we are seeking specific expertise in:

  • Technical Khmer translation

  • Disability-related expertise (e.g. special education, related-services)


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