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Our Advisory Working Group

Working together to advance disability training opportunities

There is great need for more access to information and training about disabilities and disability-related topics. But in order to create quality trainings, we know we need many minds and areas of expertise working together. This is the purpose of DSI's Advisory Working Group.
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We collaboratively advise and develop disability trainings

This team of skilled volunteer professionals works collaboratively to advise and develop disability training curriculum to be used with DSI's partners in Cambodia (and other developing countries in the future) where local disability professionals and training opportunities are greatly needed today. 

Our Theory of Change

Our road map toward meaningful and lasting impact

The Current Condition = ​Immense, unmet need
  • Lack of knowledge about current disability-related information and training support among emerging in-country professionals, partners, and teachers.

  • General lack of understanding about disabilities in communities and for families that include children, youth & adults with disabilities.

  • In-country stakeholders and partners are identifying and asking for support.

  • Lack of access to current information and training support to beginning disabilities professionals, partners and teachers.

  • Build upon existing strengths; supporting and empowering in-country stakeholders who share DSI's mission.

  • Provide disability trainings and technical support.

  • Be culturally and contextually sensitive, ensuring support that is relatable, relevant and realistic.

  • Collaboratively research, develop and implement disability trainings.

  • Local partners identify needs, advise, and approve content.

  • AWG develops, evaluates, and revises on an ongoing basis.

  • Knowledge is shared 

  • Training content is learned and applied

  • Local disability leaders and educators have increased knowledge, skills, abilities, and confidence to include and teach students with disabilities

  • Professional performance is improved

The Vision = ​Inclusion and available support from local disability professionals!
  • ​In-country personnel are equipped and empowered to make sure children with disabilities can access and receive high-quality inclusive education.

  • Children and adults with disabilities have access to education to develop to their fullest potential and are integrated as full members of their community.

Learn More

View our:

TOT (Training of Trainers)

Model Overview

To learn more about the goals, scope, and structure of our training model.

View our:

Annotated Bibliography


Of resources & organizations, collected to inform the development of the disability training curriculum.

Get Involved

Currently, we are seeking skilled volunteers in the following areas:
  • Speech-language pathologists, located in central MN (the Twin Cities region) for approximately 6-months, fall 2023-spring 2024 to assist with the research and development of our third module, focused on communication needs and strategies for helping children with disabilities in the classroom setting.
Contact us at to express interest and learn more about helping with current needs.
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