• Mick

40 years since the Khmer Rouge

Photographs of female victims of the Khmer Rouge at Security Prison 21 (S-21) Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I'll admit the math and sciences were more my cup of tea while in school and remain relative strengths. English and Social Studies courses were of less interest and my progress in them was limited more by my attitude and efforts than that of the teachers I had. Into my adult years now, I am significantly more fascinated by the events of world history and how they relate to current events and often envy the high school students I work with now for having dedicated time in their days devoted to expanding their knowledge base of worldly matters. This has only been amplified by our program work in Cambodia, as well as the work on our Global Disability Directory where we are mapping organizations working with people with disabilities across the majority world.