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DSI's First Impact Report!

January 2019 -- At DSI, we are proud to advocate, support and empower as we work toward a better world for all people living with disabilities. In this, our first impact report, we will share some of the highlights and successes since our beginning in January of 2016, three years ago this month.

A few of the report highlights:

  • We have initiated and are continuously operating and growing 2 DSI programs.

  • 5 different DSI team members have spent 1,156 hours (in 100 days) in Cambodia researching, developing programs and conducting training with stakeholders and partners since our start.

  • There are now 96 countries and 266 organizational profiles on our Global Disability Directory, that has been online for 15 months now.

  • We have had the opportunity to provide 72 hours of training to 84 Cambodian professionals, parents and government officials.

  • We owe so much of our success thus far to the generosity of others.

  • Special thanks go out to our working board team members: Elizabeth Schrader, Mick Wendland, Jennie Wendland, Sierra Janka, Dinesh Ranasinghe, Catherine Hennessy-Wolter, Vadim Firfa, Adeel Javaid, Mike Carlson & Audra Quandt who have dedicated their time, energy, skills and passion for this mission on an ongoing basis to DSI's program and organizational development needs.

To everyone who has believed in DSI's mission and startup, putting that belief into action in many different ways, we cannot thank you enough. You have helped to make this possible.


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