Inequality & Human Rights

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

"Although the human rights case alone is sufficient to necessitate action, there is also evidence that promoting inclusion of people with disabilities is beneficial from an economic standpoint."

- From a report by: CBM, The International Center for Evidence in Disability & The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

March 2017 -- Well hello again from Phnom Penh! It's funny to say that things like sweating profusely the second you begin walking and hearing 'hello lady, tuk tuk?' are in a way comforting and welcoming. My flights overall went very smooth and so far, I am settling into the time and temperature changes as well as to be expected, so thank you all for the thoughts and prayers on that. After I go to church with a friend this morning, I am probably going to go find some place to get more of my hair cut off because anything I can do to stay cooler, I will do at this point!

I talked to many people about DSI while I was in transit, including a Cambodian man who immigrated to the US after fleeing the Khmer Rouge during the late 1970's with his wife and 3 children (one who was only a month and a half old) when they crossed the border into T