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The Launch of the Global Disability Directory

August 2017 -- Shortly after DSI began in 2016 and created an online presence, we started to get inquiries from people from different countries around the world asking for help. Some were small organizations trying to make things better for people with disabilities in their countries, some were families looking for assistance, and some were people with disabilities attempting to advocate for themselves and trying to connect with services. 

In response to these requests for assistance and in struggling to find such resources ourselves, DSI realized something needed to be done. Thus, the Global Disability Directory program began.

The Global Disability Directory is now part of our website

Anyone can access it at:

Organizations can provide info to add or update their own profile

This creates a two-way street for program growth! It also allows organizations to contact us and provide the most accurate and up-to-date information about their work. View the submission form at:

We hold "Directory Days" to research and add organizations

And will continue to do so, both to keep growing the GDD and also to keep the directory updated. Thank you to all of our adult and student Directory Day volunteers and Red Wing Ignite for helping to make this program possible!


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