Training week in Pursat, Cambodia

We began DSI in large part as a platform to take action to address the immense discrepancies between the human rights and available services for people with disabilities in many places in our world today. Our mission statement at DSI states that we work 'to advocate, support, and empower to improve the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries so they can live life to the fullest'.

In pursuit of our mission, one of our main programming areas works to provide disability training support to our partners. We believe that the best 'resources' to continue building inclusive societies and disability services are the local people, including the families of people with disabilities, community leaders and members, teachers and of course, people with disabilities themselves. We think this is true no matter where you live. We also believe that by building bridges that share knowledge and resources we can work as equal partners to identify needs and help to continue improving local capacity and 'fill the gaps'. This past week we had the opportunity to work with our partner organization Disability Development Services Program (DDSP) in Pursat, Cambodia as we strive together to do just this.

DDSP staff trainees with DSI trainers, Mick & Jennie

Our ongoing work with our partners including DDSP involves first building a relationship and taking time to learn about their work and then together, prioritizing needs and goals within their organization that DSI may be able to help with. DDSP's director, Samnang, and their leadership staff have shared that ongoing training on understanding different disabilities as well as strategies for teach