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Updates from Cambodia

July 2018 -- Mick & Jennie have been in Cambodia all month working on inclusive education projects alongside of our partners. Our program development focuses on teacher training to help train and support teachers so that they can successfully include children with disabilities in school. During this month, DSI was also hired as a short-term consultant by Save the Children in Cambodia with similar initiatives.

In the past few weeks we had 64 Cambodian trainees from 10 partner organizations, along with the Ministry of Education and parents of children with disabilities take part in DSI trainings!

These are some of our partners, currently involved in these collaborative efforts:

Trainings focused on partner-identified disability and special education topics including: individual planning, behavior management, and specific intervention strategies for working with children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. DSI has received further requests for training followup and other needed trainings, translating needed disability content into Khmer, and to train more staff from these and other organizations when we return to Cambodia.

We know a picture speaks a thousand words, so here you go:

A huge thank you to our DSI supporters who have helped us be able to respond to our partners' needs and do this collaborative work together. YOU are helping us make this all possible!

Click Here to help support DSI team members returning to Cambodia as soon and often as possible to continue this type of work. 


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Sierra Janka
Sierra Janka
15 cze 2019

So great to be able to see the blog! I can’t wait to watch some of the upcoming videos from Cambodia! Safe travels Mick and Jennie!!

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