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4 Years of the Global Disability Directory

This month marks the 4 year anniversary of the launch of our Global Disability Directory program!

Each year at this time, we gather and synthesize indicators and data points about the GDD's growth, maintenance, usage, and need for this program. As the world continues to experience and cope with the many effects of the COVID pandemic, we are beginning to note new patterns (some positive and some negative) within this programming and wonder about the potential correlations.

- One of the negatives: Some disability organizations that we have had listed on our Directory since the launch had to be removed during the past 12 months because they are no longer active, determined either by exhaustive maintenance procedures or receiving direct notification from the organization.

+ One of the positives: We've seen a steady increase in disability organizations that are finding us (i.e. by word of mouth, internet searches) and are reaching out to us to connect and be added to the Directory.

Here are more of this year's findings:


This program is operated 100% by volunteer efforts. THANK YOU to all of our student and adult volunteers, who have and continue to help us grow and maintain this DSI program!

Learn more about why we started this program and how it works in this blog post.

Do you know an organization that should be on our Directory or needs updating? Provide information using our online form.


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