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Celebrating a Disability Changemaker: Thy Nhip, DSI’s Cambodia Program Coordinator

DSI is thrilled to announce that Thy Nhip, our Cambodia Program Coordinator, is the recipient of Rehabilitation International’s Centennial Award for Significant Contributions. Thy is among 100 awardees—individuals and organizations—selected from around the world! The awardees are being recognized as those who have made outstanding contributions to disability inclusion and profoundly impacted the equal participation and inclusive development of people with disabilities.

Thy working alongside community members, including one who is a wheelchair user.

Thy plays such an integral role in DSI’s continued program initiatives in-country. For the professional he is, and because of the person he is, Thy is more than deserving of this award and we are so fortunate that he is a part of the DSI team!

Thy has been working within the disability and development sector in Cambodia for over three decades.

His commitment to upholding the rights of people with disabilities stems from his lived experiences. When recently asked why he is so passionate about his work, Thy said, “During the civil war I was a refugee living in one of the camps across the border in Thailand. As a medical nurse, I saw many people injured. After treatment many of them became disabled. Seeing their need, I wanted to do more than provide medical help alone. What would happen if we gave [people with disabilities] the opportunity to participate fully and equally in their family, community and society?”

Thy speaking at a microphone at a disability training standing next to a co-presenter, a wheelchair user.

Since returning to Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge, Thy has devoted himself to this field and has played a role in bettering the lives of many Cambodians with disabilities, working with various stakeholders and conducting program work in areas including community-based rehabilitation, self-help groups, resource mobilization, designing, facilitating, and coordinating various trainings and workshops, and developing policies, guidelines, legal frameworks, project design and evaluation.

Please join us in congratulating Thy on this prestigious and well-deserved award!

Thank you, Thy, for your dedication and your continued commitment to inclusion and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.


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