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In solidarity for an equitable & inclusive world for all

As a Minnesota-based organization, we are heartbroken that racism continues to be a reality in our world, and as we were painfully reminded of recently, a reality right here at home. We also know that the need for systemic change spans across countries' borders and across many sectors.

Image of hands holding a Black Lives Matter sign in a crowd

It is our hope that someday no one will be left behind, overlooked, subjected to violence, or treated as less than.

Communities of color deserve the same just world that we at DSI fight for, for all people living with disabilities. It is more important than ever that we listen, learn, and stand up against inequalities and injustices in our world.

In this historic moment, we have the opportunity to choose to stand up and move forward—individually and collectively—and do the hard work needed to realize this vision of a more inclusive, just, and equitable world.

At DSI we are committed to this work. And we stand in solidarity with every changemaker striving for the same.


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