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Training progress

Parents, teachers, and other staff from organizations who support children with disabilities receiving training on behavior management techniques at Hands of Hope Community, 2018.

One of our current trip's goals is to gain a better understanding about what has occurred since our previous in-country disability trainings. Last summer we were hosted by Hands of Hope Community and Save the Children in Cambodia to lead multi-day trainings on a variety of topics including behavior, teaching strategies, and planning for children with intellectual disabilities to their staff, members of the Ministry of Education, parents, along with staff at other organizations. In total in the summer of 2018, we led 72 hours of training to 84 Cambodian professionals, government officials, and parents. Read more about last year's blog post and see our recap video here.

As we continue to move forward, we wanted to know, were previous trainings effective? Did previous trainees find them useful? Were they able to share the information with others, to help better understanding and develop strategies to help people with disabilities?

While we received initial positive feedback...

"This training is useful for us, it provides a lot of new learning for us."

"This is a great training that I can help the teachers in school improve inclusive education."

"The topic are very clear and all examples very good experience from practice and involved with students and parents."

"This trainings is so so useful in teaching methods, not only with ID, but also with general students."

...we know it's important to watch the impact over time and consistently want to know how we can make future trainings better.

During the last year, we have seen a lot of activity online showing the implementation of our training and have been pleased with our interviews with Save the Children, Hands of Hope Community, and some of the organizations we have met with during this trip about the usefulness of the training.

We have seen the creating of visual schedules, lesson plans, materials, implementation of behavioral strategies, and have had great conversations showing the growth in the professionals' understanding of the content and readiness for further coaching and training.

We have been so impressed by the dedication and continued work of our trainees to use and share the information they have learned and skills they continuously develop as disability professionals. We have had great conversations to continue their development while we have been here so far and are looking forward to two more weeks of further training and coaching on this trip.

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