Using tech for good during COVID

As one disability professional wisely summarized in a recent sector briefing: “COVID has only compounded the already existing crises for people with disabilities.” We know this all too well and is part of the reason we are continuously seeking out innovative ways to respond to what is needed most right now. And we know that especially now, we can and should use available and ever-increasing technology capabilities for good.

That's why, with a lot of creative and collaborative planning, we recently carried out the first Disability & COVID town hall meeting in partnership with Initiative For National Growth Africa. We created this virtual platform as a way to bring disability changemakers together to provide encouragement, initiate connections, and share strategies that are helping to meet the needs and daily struggles of people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries throughout the world right now.

You see, the fact that often gets overlooked is this - disability communities are not sitting idly-by in despair. They are innovating and are coming together to take care of each other and others in their communities.