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5 Years of our GDD Program

Graphic of a globe/sphere with text that reads The Global Disability Directory.

In the fall of 2017, DSI launched the Global Disability Directory (GDD) program and it has been going strong ever since. Learn about why we started this program and how it works in our launch announcement blog post.

Now, as we celebrate the 5-year mark, we have synthesized some of the indicators of the GDD's growth, maintenance, users, and positive impacts of this program.

Infographic image showing growth of the number of countries and organizations on the GDD, the countries with the most profiles and the number of users accessing from different countries.
Infographic image with list of people and groups that use the GDD, and quotes of responses from disability organizations about what the GDD means to them.
Infographic image with summary of impact on cultivating global citizens, mainly students, with quotes on their learning experiences.

A huge THANK YOU to all of the DSI team members, interns, and student and adult volunteers who have contributed to the GDD's growth and maintenance over the past 5 years.

Our current strategic goals include increasing the accessibility of the GDD so we can continue to grow its effectiveness and impact. Your support helps continue to make this program possible!

Do you know an organization that should be on our Directory or needs updating? Provide information using our online form.


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